Virtual Day Program
Peace of mind for caregivers by keeping older adults and people living with dementia
active, connected, engaged and stimulated from the comfort of their own home.

Day programs are associated with many positive health related benefits for older adults and caregivers including:
  • reduced social isolation
  • slow down cognitive decline
  • sense of meaning and purpose and joy
  • managing and reducing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
  • reduce need for long-term care placement
  • respite and support for caregivers
Social Connection
Social Connection Loneliness has been proven to be as dangerous as obesity and smoking in older adults. Older adults that live alone or who have few social ties have a much higher risk of cognitive impairment than those with more social connections.
  • small group, interactive activities
  • shared meal times and experiences
  • playing, laughing
Cognitive Stimulation
Cognitive Stimulation involves a wide range of enjoyable activities that aim to stimulate thinking, memory, and concentration with the purpose of slowing down cognitive decline including:
  • discussing current events and topics of interest
  • reminiscing
  • word games
  • puzzles
Creative Expression
Creative Expression has been proven to promote happiness, increased self-esteem and motivation among older adults and people with dementia.
  • music
  • art
  • drama
  • dance
Physical Activity
Physical Activity reduces the chances to develop heart disease, stroke and diabetes, which are all associated with an increased risk of dementia. Regular exercise also helps to reduce stress and improve your mood.
  • chair aerobics, yoga and dancing
  • standing chair aerobics, yoga and dancing
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